Our MISSION is to offer our Clients the highest level regarding specialization, organization, technical creativity, flexibility and product quality acquired over decades of experience, together with all the latest innovations resulting from our continuous research.

The halt in economic growth, together with hardened and indiscriminate competition, has rendered correct company growth planning more difficult. Companies are obliged to dedicate a large part of their resources to searching for solutions to problems never previously affronted, however difficult and stimulating this might be.

We are convinced that specializing in your own productive sector, and optimizing the quality of the product, is the only decisive strategy to adopt in order to consolidate a position obtained, and to look towards your own future development.

DMC offers itself as a Company Partner in the creation, development and production in series of exclusive, made to measure accessories, in metal and many other materials, for leather goods and high fashion articles.

The relationship with the client is based on the concept of “PROBLEM SOLVING”, which allows us to offer articles which represent the synthesis of Quality and Service.

These assumptions allow DMC to be presented as a Company and as an ideal tool in the search for a solution for every specific need.

Convinced that we can offer every new client our wealth of knowledge and technical know-how, the staff of the Commercial Office is always available to supply information, while the Technical Staff will always be able to provide the highest availability for the technical aspects of your requests.



The company Del Mazza Fabrizio e C. Snc, composed of the brothers Fabrizio and Ivo Del Mazza, was created for the polishing of components for candelabras. It was located in an agricultural out-house in Villa Le Mozzete, 86 m2 in size.


The first two employees, Giancarlo Baccianti and Giuliano Quaresimi, were employed and today are still part of the team.


The company was transformed into Eredi Del Mazza Fabrizio di Del Mazza Ivo e C. Snc., and continued to concentrate on sub-contract work in the sector of metal accessories for high fashion brands. There was an increase in the number of employees to 5.


The company transferred from Fattoria Le Mozzete to the industrial zone of Scarperia (FI). There were 7 employees and a surface area of 400 m2.


The purchase of the first CNC milling machine (Gloria Europa 240) and the inclusion of the CAD CAM program (CN DRAFT) projects the company into the future. Employees become 9.


DMC srl was created with the purchase of 30% of the Eredi del Mazza shares. Cristian Del Mazza, Ivo’s son, became Managing Director. There were 23 employees in 1900 m2 surface area.


Completion of the transformation from Eredi Del Mazza to DMC srl. 27 employees.


Construction of a photovoltaic plant on the company rooftop. The move was towards an increasingly environmentally-sustainable development.


Extension of the building and construction of the new galvanic line. 49 employees in 2800 m2 surface area.


Entry into the Riri Group, a leading Swiss company in the accessories sector for the luxury sector.



D.M.C. S.r.l., produces metal accessories for high fashion leather goods, shoes and clothing, and the first target is a top standard of QUALITY.

Constant attention regarding innovation of processes and technologies, staff development and a production cycle aimed to satisfy each single Client are our means to reach these high levels of quality.

We know that the market concentrates on three principal standards: quality, respect for delivery times and ever increasing price competitiveness. Knowing this, we work to have these conditions at an equal level giving a high degree of satisfaction.

The commitment that the company and the Del Mazza family undertakes is to balance the economic development of their own activity with the protection of the environment and social responsibility, taking into account the needs of customers, employees and other parties involved.

We have been working for years following principles and processes dictated by Certificates regarding work ethics and product quality, that regulate and underline a working method which has been adopted for a long time. Today this makes our company a beacon in environmentally sustainable development, a healthy working environment and a reliable partner for our customers.

We firmly believe that the economic development of our company, the use of only absolutely necessary resources, and the respect of regulations for environmental protection should be an integral part of our daily lives.


The company organization chart is attached in PDF format.


The goal of the Company balance SA8000 is to provide a report related to the activities carried out by DMC Srl to ensure compliance with the requirements of SA8000, as well as to communicate the company’s performance in a clear and transparent way to all interested parties in relation to matters that affect the concept of social responsibility.


The certification is attached in PDF format.


The certification is attached in PDF format.


The preparation of the Code of Ethics is part of a process that began in 2013, with the implementation of our own Integrated Quality-Environmental Management System, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001. This was followed in 2014 with the implementation our own Social Management System in accordance with SA 8000.


The following document defines the responsibilities and operating procedures to ensure that no children are employed in the workplace, and that young workers who may be present have been employed in compliance with applicable laws and according to the requirements of SA 8000.


The field of application is attached in PDF format.


This statement is intended to provide guidance for the company staff and interested external parties, who wish to report, even in a confidential and anonymous way, any non-compliance with respect to the principles of the standard SA 800, the Company Policy and Code of Ethics, rather than suggestions regarding the improvement of the system of Social Responsibility.


Anonymous Reports

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If the interested parties believe that the company has not responded adequately or sufficiently to the report sent, they can send a complaint directly to:

Certification Body

IQNet Ltd
Bollwerk 31
P.O Box CH-3001 Bern Switzerland
Tel.: +41 31 310 24 40 – Fax: +41 31 310 24 49 Website:

International Accreditation Body

Social Accountability International
15 West 44th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10036
tel: (212) 684-1414 fax: (212) 684-1515



DMC srl is positioned as a services company on the global market of high fashion. The Del Mazza Family and all the staff have been a partner of numerous fashion brands for many years, providing experience, attention to detail and passion for their work.

In accordance with the ever increasing demand for customization of accessories we have chosen to work on each project, in order to move from a simple idea to create unique articles that fully meet customer expectations.

For these reasons, you will not find catalogues in DMC, but only professionalism, passion and great dedication to work.

Planning and Research

The Technical Office, in close collaboration with the Planning and Production Management Office, is the cornerstone of the whole company. Three main tasks are carried out here that offer ideas for all the other departments in the company to develop.

Technical Research

Acquisition and analysis of information regarding new materials, finishes, study of the same, and tests regarding use, are the basis for continuous renewal. A major strength of DMC is to be always projected into the future in search of new applications and avant-garde solutions.

Production Processes

A new challenge has been launched by the market of metal accessories in recent years: high quality goods in less time. For this reason our company is committed to a close, comprehensive programming of each work cycle, trying to improve time and costs every day. Planning and control play a key role in personalized customer service.

Quality control

DMC has always made high quality its trademark. In fact Quality is an essential principle for us, and for this reason Control and Supervision is of vital importance during each stage of production, in order to achieve high performance levels and quality standards.

Materials Used

Brass, Aluminium, Plastic Material, Avp Iron, Zama, Inox, Silver, Titanium, Steel, Copper.

Products and Processing

Buckles, Fastenings, Connections, Zips, Handles, Seals, Snap-hooks, Clips, Rivets, Turnings.